A fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest ways to transform a room!  The right color has the power to
  • Brighten up a room and make it feel larger
  • Darken a space to create a cozy environment 
  • Add personality and contrast to neutral spaces
  • Help the rooms of your home “flow” together

Creating your Space
Your home is a special place for resting, learning, playing, and living. From dreamy pastels to energetic brights, there are over 3,500 color options to choose from- there is a color match for every family and personality.

Benjamin Moore has different color collections to choose from: Affinity, Historical, Williamsburg, and Classics. These colors have been expertly curated to mix and match seamlessly, removing guesswork-and promising a beautiful outcome.

Lighting Matters
Don’t forget that the amount of light a room gets impacts color. Taking color samples home can give you a much better idea of how they will look in your space. A room flooded with natural sunlight can handle a more saturated color, whereas paler shades can help brighten a dark room.

Why not try an Accent Wall?
Accent walls can be added to any room of the home to add dimension, break up open floor plans, or to create a specific mood. Accent walls should pop – so select a color with purpose! For rooms with darker color walls, consider going lighter for an accent wall. If the walls are light and airy, consider a deeper, bolder color.

Color Library

Come take a look at our in-store color library. John is always ready to assist with color selection.

Color Selection

Take home a ½ pint color sample to make
color selection even easier.

Need More Assistance with Color Selection?

Maybe a consultation with one of our designers is right for you!

At-Home Consultation

Ever buy a piece of furniture or light fixture but it just didn't fit or look right when you got it home? Ever struggle picking a wall color that matches your aesthetic just right? An interior designer can help.

Designers are trained to think creatively about all aspects of your space: furniture placement, fabric choice, lighting options, window treatments, and color palette. Designers also know how to maximize a space, whether you need room for storage, movement, or statement pieces. If you’re on a budget, not to worry. Good designers understand how to get the best value out of what you are willing to spend. They can help increase the value of your home by helping you make the most out of your renovation.

In-Store Consultation

Bring in a sample of your flooring, fabrics, tile, or any other materials that you are using in a room. The designer can show you the colors that best coordinate with all of the elements of your project.

Designers can offer suggestions on what paint sheen will look best in your space: such as flat, matte, eggshell, pearl, or semi-gloss.


Customer Testimonials

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